How much does Mya cost to use? (Pricing):

Mya has a three tiered pricing model. The basic app cost is free, while the Expert version is $7 a month, and the professional version is $30 a month. To learn more about each version, please visit the Mya PRICING page.


Who can benefit from using Mya Checklists?

Just about anyone can benefit from Mya that needs to bridge a knowledge gap. Checklists can be as simple as a one or two topic checklist or as complex as a elaborate as a series of checklists with many topics that has a deeper or more complex need.


Why does Mya utilize a checklist format?

Checklists are a familiar tool we use when we need to accomplish something. Obtaining knowledge is not different in that we generally break a large subject into smaller topics so it is digestible and not overwhelming. Plus, there is something very gratifying and motivating in the act of checking off something we have completed.


How do I create a Mya account?:

Click on the following link (www.withmya.com) and provide the required information to create a Mya account.


Are analytics available for the checklists I have shared with my colleagues or direct reports?

Yes. For a monthly fee of $30.00, Mya Pro will provide you with data to help you better understand how people are consuming the checklists you have shared with them. You will receive insights into topic launches & snoozes, channels they would like to see, launch & snooze leaders, and topic likes & dislikes. Mya will also be providing Google analytics in the near future to expand this feature.


Can I connect my Evernote account to Mya?

Yes. Connecting your Evernote account to your Mya account allows you search your notebooks to content that may be relevant to the checklist topic you are working with. Mya will look for relevance in your personal, shared, or business notebooks.


Can Mya also search my (and, others) email messages for relevant content?

Yes, once you have added your account and others relevant emails will appear as content when working through a checklist topic. You can also add email addresses from peers, experts, or brands to make your search better and more powerful than ever. Just about anything that comes into your inbox can be sourced as content!


What is the Mya Marketplace?

The Mya Marketplace is a source to locate  and download checklists that have been created by subject-matter-experts. If you are running low on time or ideas, Mya may have something that meets your needs. Some of the Marketplace checklists are free, and some may have a single fee to download.


Can I publish my checklists to the Mya Marketplace?

Yes, once you have created the checklist, click on the CUSTOMIZE & SHARE button. From here, you can add custom channels, a short description, a background image, a Evernote notebook, you will select the "Published on Mya Marketplace" in the Shared Settings section. Once you have selected SAVE & CLOSE, a billing window will appear where you can finish your transaction.


Using Mya

How do I add my favorite website (channel), blog, etc?

Click on the profile icon at the top of the side navigation bar, then under Preferred Web Sources / Your Channels, type the url in the filed that says "type to add a custom source (URL) here". Then click the Enter key on your keyboard to save and add to your channels.


What if I don't really have any favorites? Do I have another option?

Yes, within the Your Channels section there are a group of collections ("Popular Collections") that can be added to our channels with a single click. Some of these groups contain great video channels, the best blogs and the top editorial sites.


How do I add my Evernote account to Mya?

Click on the profile icon in the side navigation bar, then click the add Evernote Notebook button in the section titled "Your Evernote Notebooks". A Evernote log in window will appear where you will be required to sign in with your username and password. Then you will need to authorize access so Mya can access content from your Evernote notebooks. Shortly after authorizing, Evernote will send you an email stating "Mya is now linked to your account".


How do I add my Email account to Mya?



How do I add my Cloud account(s) to Mya?