We need a common tool to create, record and share knowledge-work.

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  • Focus on your objectives - relevant knowledge is only a checklist away.

  • Create them instantly - intelligently convert job postings, articles, links and emails

  • Share them with others - assign them as learning goals or collaborate

  • Avoid guesswork - no more vague keywords and iffy sources to sift through when you collaborate on searches

  • Check off items to unlock insights - see relevance in people, jobs, articles and more with a knowledge-focused lens 

Think about what a checklist can do for your organization...

Why wait for paperwork and logistics to kick in to make your talent more knowledgeable? At each stage of their engagement with you, your team and your business they have a knowledge gap. Mya lets you fill that gap by pushing contextual topics and content from your preferred sources as well as their own!