Unlock more with the xMya API

As we traverse our career, we face situations of evolving work, people, environments and challenges. Knowledge shouldn't be a barrier or a slowdown to how we cope with these situations. Your Mya account holds a portable key to assist you learn and grow in your career more efficiently. 

No, it's not a badging system. It's not a professional profile. It's a cognitively-smart blueprint of your tastes in how we consume knowledge and what we're drawn towards - both conceptually and emotionally.

When you start your Mya journey, a smart core starts learning your behaviors. The more checklists you create for your knowledge work, the more Mya understands how you prefer your knowledge. It's like a Yelp for work-related knowledge, like a Foursquare for how you learn - one that grows and evolves with you.

It's your personal "knowledge DNA"

Mya accounts can unlock new possibilities for learning & experience personalization. Check out our integrations to see more >

As Mya grows with all of us, how we choose the right sources of knowledge will become more transparent - whether it's the right blog, repository, conversation, a person or even our own career path. 

Mya is built on this niche foundation of knowledge consumption and context. Learn more about the Human Capital Genome here.